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About Deborah

"We are divine Beings governed to awaken to who we truly are, and to the nature of all nature. There is nothing that is hidden from us, for True Knowledge is within all of us. We need only look within to awaken to that pure consciousness that exists within all of us, realizing the all-knowing light of the Soul."

Deborah has been proclaimed by many as a gifted clairvoyant and clairaudient in matters of life, death, spirit, relationships, children and health. Deborah maintains that all individuals have the ability to awaken to True Knowledge, or their True Self, and realize that inseparable inner truth. Thus, Deborah's work is given to support that awakened awareness, self empowerment, Wholeness of Being, through mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual understanding, health and balance. Complimentary to her spiritual work, Deborah also supports health and wellbeing as a certified Eductor, or Quantum Biofeedback Facilitator.

In her channeled book, "The Quest to Know", Deborah has compiled the questions asked by individuals or groups over the last three decades with the channel responses, as an offering to those seeking to know themselves, nature and the universe, and continue to hold workshops in meditation techniques, and development of a greater understanding of the True Self. 

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