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Knowledge is power. Although Deborah emphasizes that within each individual is the true "Book of Knowledge", wherein all truth may be accessed, there is a vast amount of information pertaining to altered states of consciousness, our current progression toward more refined energy frequencies and higher consciousness, and general trends in sociopolitical, cultural, and climatic changes. In her readings, Deborah often recommends resources.

Deborah Kolander is credited as Consultant in The Pyramid Code documentary series. Over the 12 years when Director and Producer, Dr Carmen Boulter, was doing her research and field work, Deborah regularly channeled and looked into the distant past supporting Dr Boulter's project. Concurrently, they pieced together the forgotten story of ancient Egypt during matriarchal times. She and her husband Mark enjoyed experiencing Egypt with Dr Boulter visiting nearly all of the sites seen in the documentary.

The Pyramid Code

Carmen Boulter

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The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book Four

Edmond Bordeaux Szekely translated one of my favorite treasurers. Because of the power awakened throug these practices, Szekely requested that this book not be published until after his death. It is given that should the neophyte practice these meditations for seven years, a true ability is awakened within, thus Szekely was concerned as to the way it would be utilized. I have practiced these communions for over sixteen years, and have come to know a true love and gratitude for this contribution. Those who choose to follow the daily communions will become awakened to the true translation. 

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The Emerald Tablet

In his Alchemy for Personal Transformation, Dennis Hauck beautifully shares of the known history of the Emerald Tablets. Hauck's offering of alchemical tools for personal transformation gift of useful practices while introducing the practice of Alchemy. For information about become a student of alchemy,


I was introduced to A Course In Miracles years ago while given a channeling session to a long time client. In the session, it referred to "a course in miracles desendant", then awakening the understanding of the gifts within "The Course". Since then, I have had the opportunity to come to know Judith Skutch-Whitson, who worked directly with Helen Schucman and William Thetford. To discover more about The Course, workshops and study groups, visit

 A Course In Miracles

Paramahansa Yogananda was one of my first teachers. The book was recommended to me by my father, who has been a devotee for over thirty years. I enjoyed practicing the "Hong Sau" technique of meditation for a number of years before expanding into other uncharted territory, and am grateful for the foundational teachings of this beloved Guru.

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